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Summer is almost here! I know we're all uncertain about the future, but I promise that throwing on a little makeup even when your stuck at home will make you feel so much better! Trust me, Im soooo guilty of being lazy and just laying around.. but I've been forcing myself to get up and get ready every few days AT LEAST, and it helps for sure! Honestly, it's so freaking weird cuz you almost forget that you can look like a put together human being lol. I hope everyone is staying SAFE and HAPPY!!

Product Details:

▪️ LASHES: Lilly Lashes “So Extra Miami”

▪️ BROWS: BH Cosmetics “Flawless Brow Trio”

▪️EYESHADOW: MAC “Brown Script” “Soft Brown” & “Nylon”

▪️ LIPS: NYX lip liner & MAC lipstick “Honeylove”

▪️ CONTOUR: Kat Von D “Shades & Light” palette

▪️ HIGHLIGHT: Becca Cosmetics

▪️ BLUSH: MAC “Blush Baby”

▪️ FOUNDATION: Makeup Forever HD

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