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Is Flat Tummy Tea really worth it?

Flat Tummy Tea is all over instagram, and it seems like all the influencers are promoting them, so you're not really sure if you should believe the hype.. right? Well I'm here to tell you that if you're looking to either shed some pounds or just live a healthy life style, Flat Tummy Tea is a great option for you! I think it's a common misconception that these types of tea's are automatically lumped into the "weight loss" category, when in reality they actually do not make you lose weight. What they do is give you the energy you need to go to the gym and workout... to lose the weight! That's why I really love these types of tea's, because it is promoting a healthy lifestyle, and is not some crazy weight loss fad. It's key ingredients do help with bloating, which is common result to the highly processed foods we eat. So it helps with energy- check. Bloating- check. Weight loss- check BUUUT.. you have to remember that just because you drink it, does not mean that your automatically going to lose weight. You have to put in the work- Eat healthy, go to the gym, etc. Guy's don't feel alone cus I am the absolute WORST when it comes to diet! I'm obsessed with ice cream, candy, and anything desert!! My problem area is my lower stomach (which you can't tell cus I know my angles lol) which sucks cus that's where those highly processed foods all go! That's why while drinking Flat Tummy Tea is def. not a quick fix, it really helps get you on the right track!

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