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Bomb lashes for an affordable price!? YES PLEASE! Salon Perfect lashes are the perfect option if you want incredible quality for an an amazing price. I'm wearing the B Curl 661. Adding lashes to a makeup look completely changes the game. Not that you NEED lashes to make your makeup look good, BUT it does accentuate your entire look and takes it to the next level! A lot of people struggle with putting on lashes and to be honest, when doing them on myself I do too sometimes! Make sure to cut them to fit your eye, apply a decent mount of glue, and close your eyes until they are COMPLETELY dry. If you don't wait, they'll move around and start to peel off. Apply mascara to your natural lashes underneath the false ones, and lightly pinch them together to blend them.
You can find them exclusively at Walmart or online in the link below. #Ad #HeyCurlHey #SalonPerfect #Walmart

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