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My Current Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin

I'm always trying new skin care products because I'm terrified of getting wrinkles and looking old!! (TRUTH!). I know aging is a natural thing that happens to everyone but I'm trying to avoid as much of it that I can at all costs!! There's tons of celebrities and thousands of bloggers that are paid to promote products, so you never really know if they actually work. They could be totally lying for money and the products are complete sh*t.. buuuut that's why you have to do your research and not just solely take Kylie Jenner word on that butt enhancing cream.. CO

ME ON!! lol. Being 100% honest I was sent only 4 of the 12 products to try out and the rest I bought on my own. I was not paid to talk about them, and if I ever do get aid to promote something.. I'll always be 100% honest. I know that feeling of scrapping the floor for money to buy that bomb ass liquid lipstick you've been seeing all over Instagram.. and it sucks when you soon realize you wasted your hard earned money for a $40 product!

Anyway.. Through all these skin care trials and errors over time I've found new products that I've added to my routine, but still have those old school staples I can't replace! My skin is dry, so this routine is def. for normal to dry skin types. I will be doing a blog of what I recommend for combo to oily skin soon :) I’ve written descriptions about each product and added links so it's super easy for you guys to buy it without having to search the internet for it.


I have been searching for a GOOD face wash forever now, but I’m currently OBSESSED with this! I always try different ones because I can’t seem to find THE ONE, but so far this is looking like it could be! I had the Reviva Labs products sent to me, and I’m sooo happy with them. They are cruelty free and have really great natural ingredients. It’s super gentle and won’t irritate your skin. If you are someone that likes when a face wash lathers then you won’t like this because it barely lathers at all. For dry skin especially, it is good to get a face wash that doesn’t lather because ones that do dry your skin out a lot easier.


After washing your face, using a skin toner is def. a great thing to add to your skin care routine. It get’s up any extra dirt or makeup that the face wash has left behind, and brings back the PH levels in your skin that the face wash may have taken away.


I usually don’t break out, but lately I’ve been breaking out a little on my chin and forehead and I heard that Apple Cidar Vinegar helps with that. I spray a few spritzes onto my face after I use the toner. There’s Rosewater in it which makes it even better! If you’re not struggling with breakouts you can skip this step.


I don’t personally feel like this step is 100% necessary if you don’t like a large skin care routine, but if you want that extra boost of hydration it’s worth trying it out and see what you think of it. I love this serum because it has tons of natural ingredients in it like Collagen and Hyloranic Acid, and really enhances the moisturizer.


Like I said before, I’ve been having some breakouts lately, so I take just a little tea tree oil and put it on places where I’m prone to breakout like on my forehead and especially my chin. It’s anti fungeal and prevents extra oil from occurring in those area’s where you apply it.


I have been LOVING Castor Oil lately! Not only do I use it on my skin, but I leave it in my hair as a hair mask. It’s loaded with omega fatty acids, and really helps plump and hydrate the skin. I put a little all over my face (besides my chin). It’s pretty thick, so a little goes a long way. I use this as an eye cream too! It’s not super runny like other oils, so it coats the areas where you apply it. I put a good amount around my eyes and on my eyelids.. plus on my lashes! It doesn't make them necessarily grow, but it does hydrate them a lot. As long as its 100% natural, I don’t think the brand matters, I just like this one because you can get it at Target and it’s good for traveling. Plus the little pump is a nice little add on! (Oh the simple things).


This has been one of my staples for YEARS that I can’t seem to get rid of! I love using this as a day moisturizer because it’s so light while being super hydrating at the same time! I’ve found over the years that that’s extremely hard to find. I’ll find a rich moisturizer that just leaves a weird film on my skin, but not this one. You can wear it under makeup, but be sure to mix your favorite SPF in there because it doesn’t have any in it. Ceptaphil does carry a day moisturizer with SPF, but I find that it’s not as hydrating and leaves that weird film on my skin that I don’t like. It’s awesome because you can use this on your body as well! PS- you can get all Cetaphil products at your local drugstore!


This has also been a night cream staple as mine. Just like the day moisturizer, I ran into the same problem with night creams. I’m honestly obsessed with it and it’s probably my favorite skin care product that I have. It’s so hydrating and leaves my skin supple and smooth. I used to put this on by itself, but now I layer a little on top of the castor oil. Don’t go too overboard with this either, you don’t want to overdue both and suffocate the sin.. which can cause breakouts. You don’t even need to use both if you don’t want to. Try them out and if you decide to go with either this or the Castor oil, they both work great alone as well!


This one’s a little pricy, so def. get a little sample from Sephora and try it out before you buy it. Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells and is so important, so be sure to use it only 2-3x a week. Don’t overdue it or it will do more harm then good. I like that the balls are super thin and fine, which are better then the ones that are large which can tear your skin. It makes my skin feel ridiculously soft and brand new!


My friend introduced me to this stuff and i’m really liking it. I find it very difficult to find a product that really gets rid of blemishes, but this one seems to be doing the trick. It helps dry up the pimples already on the skin. For cystic acne (the ones that are red and super painful), I have been taking two specific things that have helped make those bad boys disappear tremendously! Cystic acne usually comes from within, so topical solutions probably won’t do the trick. You need to fix whatever is causing them internally, so I will be doing a blog on what I use soon!


They are pretty much the same thing as the Nuetrogena brand, expect a little cheaper. I like the night calming ones because they smell really good! I don’t know if they actually help calm me down at night cus I’m a night owl and am up until 5 anyway.. but maybe they’ll actually help some people! To be honest I get whatever scent they have and that’s on sale! lol

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