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  • CAT Footwear Line Commercial with Singer/Songwriter Shontelle; MUA, CAT Footwear

  • “Kraft/Jersey Shore” Commercial with Snooki & Deena; MUA/Hair, MTV Productions

  • “OMG EMT” Season 1; MUA/Hair, TLC Network 

  • “The Wrath” starring Eric Roberts & Emilio Estevez; MUA/Hair 

  • Air Bud Film series charity commercial; MUA, Starlight Children’s Foundation

  • “Low” Music Video ft. Jadakiss & The Kid Daytona; MUA, BET Productions 

  • “Shake Somethin’” Music Video ft. Macky & The Kid Daytona; MUA, B.E.T “Sisa Designs” spring fashion line; MUA, Univision TV

  • Macy’s & Style Haul’s “Fall Trends”; MUA/Hair, Youtube Productions

  • “Mitch Hearts Jessica” reality show pilot; MUA/Hair, A&E



  • "Home" feature film premiere party hosted by Rihanna; MUA

  • The Emmy's, Daily Show Crew; MUA/Hair

  • MTV Awards, Jersey Shore's Deena; MUA 

  • People's Choice Awards, Jersey Shore's Deena; MUA 

  • Project Runway’s Designer Malan Breton; MUA, Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

  • Jenny McCarthy’s “Beauty at the Tria” event; MUA

  • Children’s charity event hosted by Alec Baldwin & Daphne Oz; MUA

  • Good Housekeeping Magazine, Fall fashion spread; MUA

  • Cake Boss' “Beauty and the Bakery” Event; MUA

  • RSLVTS Magazine fashion spread; MUA

  • Fandango Photoshoot; MUA

  • Rotten Tomatoes Photoshoot; MUA

  • NY Times Aids charity fundraiser; MUA

  • Super Model INC. Magazine fashion show; MUA

  • Miss Asia North America Pageant; MUA

  • V.I.P Jeans Catalogue Fashion Spread; MUA



  • Make-up Designory; Beauty, HD Technology, Business of Makeup, Hair Styling, Character, Special Effects

  • Vidal Sassoon Academy; 6 Weeks Comprehensive Cutting Course, 2 Week In-depth Color

  • Cosmetology; Makeup Artistry, Hair Styling, Cutting, Coloring, Skin Care, Waxing, Nail Techniques

  • Nano Brows Master Course

  • Lash Lift Revolution 2.0 Master Course

  • Brow Lamination Master Course 

  • Waxing 101 Course 


  • Rihanna

  • Shontelle​

  • Jenny McCarthy

  • Deena Nicole Cortez

  • Angelina Pivarnick

  • Alec Baldwin

  • Eric Roberts

  • Emilio Esteves 

  • Mckenna Grace

  • Malan Breton   

  • Daphine Oz

  • Jadakiss

  • Lauren Ashley Beck

  • Candace Rene Rice

  • Shola Adewusi


  • MTV

  • BET

  • TLC

  • A&E

  • Forbes Magazine

  • Univision

  • Life & Style Weekly

  • Loreal

  • Maybelline

  • Fandango

  • Rotten Tomatoes 

  • YouTube

  • Style Haul 

  • Cake Boss

  • Macy's 

  • The Better Show

  • Good House Keeping Magazine 

  • The NY Times

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